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Celebrate National English Day with The English Quiz

Celebrate National English Day with The English Quiz

April 21, 2017

What is National English Day?

April 23 is National English Day. It’s pretty obvious why a company offering English assessment tools for corporations would celebrate National English Day. Our assessment products assist companies evaluate English language levels for job candidates and current employees, promoting English proficiency in multinational corporations.

UNESCO created National English Day to celebrate “multilingualism and cultural diversity”. April 23rd was chosen because it is William Shakespeare’s birthday. Shakespeare, as we all know, is considered to be the most famous English author. Shakespeare not only wrote some of the most influential stories and plays in English literature and theater, but he also contributed extensively to expanding the English language. It’s widely estimated that he created over 1,700 new English words.

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Did you know?

To celebrate National English Day find below some interesting facts about the English language as it relates to our day to day life and business environment.

The English Quiz CEFR Infographic